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Vehicle Fire Suppression

a complete detection & suppression system for vehicles

What is Vehicle Fire Suppression?

Vehicle Fire SupressionVehicles are not only expensive to purchase, but they can also be essential for your business or have strong sentimental attachment, so the prospect of loosing a vehicle due to engine fire could be catastrophic, not to mention the obvious risk to life.

Whether your vehicle is a commercial vehicle, a restored classic or a modified special, if a fire takes hold it could leave you stranded or worse still, damage the vehicle beyond repair, so protecting it from fire risk with an Automatic Fire Suppression System is a sensible precaution.

Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd supply and fit a range of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems that are ideal for protecting motor vehicle engine compartments. We install our patented linear detection tubing which is fed around the engine compartment, giving complete protection. This tubing can not only quickly and accurately detect a fire but also extinguish it before it can damage components around the source of the fire.

Key Points:

  • Protects passengers and valuable equipment
  • Easy / flexible installation
  • Quick & effective suppression
  • Highly reliable: no electricity or moving parts
  • Highly economical

Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd Automatic Fire Suppression System does not rely upon complex electronic detectors etc, it is able to operate simply using automatic detection. This removes the need for separate power supplies or battery backups and also makes the entire system fail safe as there are very few moving parts. All of our systems are hassle free to install and can be fitted in a timely efficient manner. Our system uses a patented linear detection tube which is installed around the engine bay and connected to the cylinder valve. The tubing is then filled with nitrogen or compressed air and this pressure is measured precisely to so that the extinguishant does not flow out of the cylinder.

Should a high temperature or fire occur then the pressurised tubing will burst and the extinguishant will flow directly from the burst hole and extinguish the fire. Because the extinguishant flows out the hole created, this effectively becomes a discharge nozzle, meaning the fire is hit at the precise place it has occurred. There is an optional switch that can also be added to the system and again, this is held closed by the pressure in the tube. If the tube bursts or the pressure be lost for any reason, the switch will open and this signal can be used to isolate the engine.

Liquid extinguishing agent
Product code B09026001
Cylinder kit size 7 liters
Cylinder volume 7 liters
Cylinder approval CE
Weight 13 Kgs.
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