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When people think of Vehicle Fire Suppression they usually think of commercial vehicles, lorries, coaches etc where it is common place to have a suppression system installed. Other vehicles that come to mind are exotic or classic cars of high value, or modified cars that carry nitrous oxide for example – but one of the highest risk vehicles that are often over looked is every day agricultural machinery.

news-agriculture-fire-suppressionAs any farmer or estate manager will tell you, farm insurance is expensive and one of the main reasons it is so expensive is because of the risk of fire. Not only is there the potential for the loss of life but also the loss of equipment, buildings, livestock or crops – all of which is potentially devastating.

At Fire and Safety Solutions Ltd we believe it essential that machinery such as tractors, combine harvesters, sprayers and other farm machines are protected from the danger and risk of fire and therefor recommend installing our specialist Vehicle Fire Suppression System.

To give an example, one of the major causes of fires on farms in the UK comes from combine harvesters. During the summer of 2013, over 100 fires were caused by combine harvesters, many of them in the East Anglia region. The mixture of the machine doing long hours in hot, dry and dusty conditions, moving many tons of crops means that a fire is all too easy started.

Many of these incidents occurred out in the fields where the dry crops accelerated the spread of the fire. Due to the often remote locations, by the time the emergency services had arrived the damage was already extensive. However, there have also been a number of fires that have occurred once the combine harvester has been returned back to the barn and left standing, the farmer has locked the barn and the small fire starts unnoticed but quickly spreads.

FASS can offer two services that will help reduce or prevent fires from occurring on farms and with farm machinery.

First of all we can supply and install a vehicle fire suppression unit which is designed to extinguish fire the moment it breaks out. Our small, unobtrusive system can either be supplied as standard fit or we can bespoke design the system for your exact needs. The system does not need an electrical supply as it is purely mechanical using a series of tubing that is designed to break as soon as it encounters a flame, releasing the extinguishing agent. Therefore no matter where the fire starts the system will always work.

Secondly we can offer fire safety risk assessments and fire safety training to farmers and farm staff to spot the dangers of fire and how to remove or reduce the risk before the fire starts. Education and understanding is at the heart of good practice and even the most experienced person will always benefit from having their knowledge refreshed.

We believed that the combination of these two services, Vehicle Fire Suppression and Fire Safety Training will help reduce fires, keep you and your staff safe and prevent the potentially devastating loss of your farm business. To find out more and to find to find out how Fire and Safety Solutions can help you, please contact us on 0800 298 0258 or email us via our contact us page.