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Fume Cupboard Fire Suppression

a complete detection & suppression system pre-engineered for fume cupboards

What is Fume Cupboard Fire Suppression?

Fume CupboardIn most laboratories there is a high risk of fire breaking out and one area of particular risk, due to the nature of heat rising, are fume hoods and cupboards. It’s within these areas you can usually find ignition sources, for example volatile chemicals, Bunsen burners etc which pose a particular danger to fire starting and spreading.

Typically fume hoods and cupboards would be covered by a traditional fire alarm system and connected to sprinklers. Whilst a sprinkler system is usually effective at containing a fire, it can cause extensive water damage to the building or in the case of chemical related fires, actually spread the fire.

In addition to this, often when a fire breaks out in a fume hood or cupboard, the heat and the fire follow the air out of the extraction exhaust which can cause the fire to spread rapidly, which in turn may delay the sprinklers from activating.

Rather than let the fire reach this stage, using a Fire and Safety Solutions installed Fire Suppression System the fire can be suppressed and extinguished at it’s source, before it spreads beyond the ignition area and far quicker than a conventional fire alarm and sprinkler system.

Key Points:

  • Easy / Flexible installation
  • Quick & effective suppression
  • Highly reliable: no electricity or moving parts
  • Highly economical

Fire and Safety Solutions Ltd supply and install a range of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems which are specifically designed for reducing the risk of fire in a variety of fume cupboards. The system uses our unique tubing which is run throughout the fume cupboard in the areas at risk. The tubing not only reacts very quickly to fire, it also extinguishes the fire rapidly before it can spread.

Our system does not rely on complicated electronic detectors or sensors, it has very few moving parts making it not only cost effective but most importantly extremely reliable. The tubing run throughout the fume cupboard is filled with nitrogen and it is this pressure that holds the valve closed to the extinguishment. At the point the temperature rises, the gas expands and bursts the pipe, this releases the valve and sends the extinguishent rushing to the broken section of tube, or in other words, the heat source. We have a wide range of extinguishents available depending upon your application type, please contact us for more details and information.

CO2 CO2 with DIMES
Product code B07504001 B07504005 B07505001 B07505005
Cylinder kit size 5 Kgs. 10 Kgs. 5 Kgs. 10 Kgs.
Cylinder volume 6.7 liters 13.4 liters 6.7 liters 13.4 liters
Cylinder approval CE CE CE CE
Weight 11 Kgs. 23 Kgs. 11 Kgs. 19 Kgs.
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