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Electrical Cabinet Fire Suppression

a complete detection & suppression system for electrical cabinets

What is Electrical Cabinet Fire Suppression?

Electrical Cabinet Fire SupressionWe are surrounded by electrical devices, sockets, boards and cabling within buildings, but within business or industrial buildings these can present a hidden danger. Often, especially in industrial buildings or high amounts of IT equipment such as server room, the equipment places a high load on the electrical system and many of the components within the system are hidden or inaccessible. Although electrical fire is often accidental, it presents a very real risk to life or loss of business, so protecting your employees or assets from this fire risk is very important.

Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd supply and install Automatic Fire Suppression Systems superficially designed to protect you from all types of electrical fires. Our patented detection tubing is installed around equipment, panels and cable runs, detecting fire quickly and with accuracy, extinguisher the danger before the fire spreads and damages nearby equipment. This gives you complete peace of mind that even if you cannot see the cables or equipment, our Automatic Fire Suppression System is watching over them for you.

Key Points:

  • Easy / flexible installation
  • Quick & effective suppression
  • Highly reliable: no electricity or moving parts
  • Highly economical

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems rely on a change in pressure from a heat source in order to trigger the extinguishant. Rather than having a separate power supply or battery back-up with complex digital detectors, the pneumatic system has very few moving parts, making the system very simple and therefor extremely reliable. We can also supply a range of on-conductive extinguishants depending upon your application needs – these extinguishants are especially designed to not damage electrical items or components and they do not leave any residue.

Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd systems install the detection tubing throughout the enclosure, or where ever it is required, this is then connected to the cylinder valve. The tubing is filled with nitrogen to a specified pressure, it is this pressure that holds the extinguishant in the cylinder. If there is a change in temperate, such as a fire, the pressurised tubing will expand and burst resulting in the extinguishant being dispensed directly from the burst section in the tube onto the fire.

Although this technology is simple, it is extremely effective as it means the fire created a discharge nozzle by breaking the tube so it is always exactly in the right location to extinguish the fire.

An additional switch is also added to the system and is held closed by the pressure of the nitrogen in the tube. If the tubing were to burst or a sudden drop in pressure in the tube, the switch will open which sends a signal to isolate the power and raise an alarm.

Our Automatic Fire Suppression Systems are also ideal for server racks or server rooms and can easily be fitted to the existing equipment. The system can be set up to protect individual racks in cupboards or remote locations, or scaled up for use in Data centres with multiple racks being protected by one common cylinder. The system can also be used to protect UPS and cooling equipment.

CO2 CO2 with DIMES
Product code B07504000 B07504004 B07505000 B07505004
Cylinder kit size 5 Kgs. 10 Kgs. 5 Kgs. 10 Kgs.
Cylinder volume 6.7 liters 13.4 liters 6.7 liters 13.4 liters
Cylinder approval CE CE CE CE
Weight 11 Kgs. 23 Kgs. 11 Kgs. 23 Kgs.
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