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Digitally Measured Fire Suppression

continuous monitoring of your system pressure

What is DIMES®?

Digitally Measured Fire SuppressionA Digital Measuring System from DIMES® that monitors your Fire Suppression System and enhances the performance.

How does the DIMES® system work?

The DIMES® system will electronically measure the capacitance between two electrodes in the cylinder to see if the C02 density changes. If the level drops below a certain percentage (which you can set, the system will automatically trigger an alarm which can be to an alarm box, a digital readout device or to a remote location. This makes the system completely flexible and ideal for hazardous environments or locations that are away from an operative. To find out more, please contact us.

Key Points:

  • Checks that your Fire Suppression System is always properly charged and on standby
  • Continually monitors cylinder pressure with 99% accuracy
  • Removes the need to dismount to check the weight of the cylinders
  • Sends a warning signal if the system is leaking or discharges
  • Allows the attachment of peripheral electronic devices and remote telemetry data transmission