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CNC Machine Fire Suppression

a complete detection & supression system for CNC machines

What is CNC Machine Fire Suppression

CNC Machine Fire SuppressionFire and Safety Solutions Ltd supply and install a series of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems which are specifically designed to protect all types of industrial machinery such as CNC machines. This gives you peace of mind that you are not only meeting all current UK Fire Safety Regulations in the workplace, but more importantly you are protecting your operators from the risk of machinery fire.

Automated machines such as CNC machines are often left unattended to operate for long periods or even to run throughout the night. If there was a fault, a safety cut out would probably stop the machine running, but what would happen if a fire broke out whilst it was unattended? Or even if the operator was there but the fire was severe? This would be a major fire risk, however installing an Automatic Fire Suppression System would remove this, safely extinguishing the fire, protecting both life, machinery and buildings.

Key Points:

  • A complete system, ready to be installed
  • Pre-engineered for CNC machines
  • Design to be used with CO2 extinguishing agent (cylinders are unfilled when delivered)
  • Cylinders supplied in both 5Kg and 10Kg sizes
  • Also suitable for use with the DIMES digital measuring system
Our Automatic Fire Suppression Systems use our specially designed linear detection tubes which are installed in all areas at risk around the machine. This means that a fire can quickly be detected without the use of conventional electronic detectors, therefor removing the need for any independent power supply or battery back-up but more importantly it means the system is utterly reliable as there are minimal components.

A simple explanation of how Automatic Fire Suppression Systems work is that the detection tubes are filled with nitrogen to the correct pressure which will hold the extinguisher valves in the closed position. If a fire breaks out the temperature will increase, this causes the nitrogen to expand and the pipe to burst, allowing the extinguisher valve to open.

As CNC Machines are used for a range of applications, FASS can provide you with the correct type of extinguishant to suit your set-up. In addition to this, the Automatic Fire Suppression System can easily be integrated to work in conjunction with the machines own emergency stop circuit, alarm or extraction system. So for example, if the tube burst through fire, or there was a loss of nitrogen, reducing the pressure, an additional switch connected to the nitrogen filled tube would be trigged, causing the machine to automatically stop.

  CO2   CO2 with DIMES
Product code B07504002 B07504003   B07505002 B07505003
Cylinder kit size 5 Kgs. 10 Kgs.   5 Kgs. 10 Kgs.
Cylinder volume 6.7 liters 13.4 liters   6.7 liters 13.4 liters
Cylinder approval CE CE   CE CE
Weight 11 Kgs. 23 Kgs.   11 Kgs. 19 Kgs.
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